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I am trying to develop a C# .NET gui for the USB-2627. I am using the supplied examples for reading analog channels. However, the speed with which I can read is about 50Hz max on each channel, no matter how i try. Right now I am putting the channel read on a separate thread in the background. I have a fairly powerful pc.

Do you have any specific details of how to reach at least close to the stated maximum sample rate?

I must have missed some setting or similar? I did not see any note on how to perform read from ad channel with higher speed anywhere.




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Hello @Mikael.

Which version of InstaCal and Windows OS are you using?

Please test the USB-2627 with MCC's DAQami application.  Are you able to achieve fast sampling rates?

USB-2627 User's Guide:  https://files.digilent.com/manuals/USB-2627.pdf

Universal Library Help:  https://files.digilent.com/manuals/Mcculw_WebHelp/ULStart.htm

Are you using the AInScan() function?





Did you test any of the AInScan() examples, without a separate thread?





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