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Digilent HS2 rev. A Cable not detected by iMPACT

Raghunath S

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I have a Digilent HS2 Rev. A cable with me and i am using Xilinx ISE 13.1 for programming an Xilinx XC3S400FTG256 FPGA. The iMPACT tool in ISE isn't able to detect the JTAG HS2 cable. While the Digilent ADEPT tool is able to detect the Cable, but unable to detect the FPGA on the board. Can someone guide me what wrong am i doing?

Note: All the 6-pins of the JTAG is connected correctly and verified.

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The Adept tool only supports certain devices and packages. Fortunately, it uses a text based file that can be modified to support other device IDs.

IMPACT and ChipScope don't work on modern Windows PCs (Win10 or newer) or 64-bit Linux distributions. I don't have an HS2 cable but my HS1 and HS3 work with ISE 14.7 on my Win7 box.
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