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USB microphone not detecting in USB-1608GX-2AO

Vignesh Shanbhag



I have Dodotornic USB-384k EVO microphone. I have connected it to USB-1608GX-2AO device using a USB-TTL cable and a female-female USB adapter. The wiring connections seems to be fine. But, in DAQami software/computer, Dodotornic USB-384k EVO microphone is not getting detected.

Could anyone please suggest how I can connect microphone to USB-1608GX-2AO?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Vignesh Shanbhag

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Hello @Vignesh Shanbhag.

That's not a typical connection for an USB-1608GX-2AO, nor the microphone.  Typically, the Dodotornic USB-384k EVO microphone is connected to USB port on a PC.  The PC has drivers to enable the USB microphone; see video link below.


Microphone user's guide:  https://www.dodotronic.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Ultramic384_EVO_User_Guide.pdf

What are the voltage levels if you were to connect the microphone's output to an oscilloscope instead of the USB-1608GX-2AO?




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