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Analog output and remote control through python (USB-1208FS-Plus)




I am trying to get more details for the USB-1208FS-Plus: 50 kS/s sample rate, 12-bit resolution.

In my project, I need to transfer the digital signal to the analog signal. For the two analog output channels, is the analog output from the DAC?

I would also like to use python to control the DAQ. Does the DAQ support the remote control with python? Thanks a lot.


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Hello @QiwenSheng.

The USB-1208FS-Plus is supported by MCC's Universal Library Python API for Windows (mcculw).  Please reference the MCC Universal Library Help file for supported functions.  https://files.digilent.com/manuals/Mcculw_WebHelp/ULStart.htm



The USB-1208FS-Plus has two analog output channels.  Each analog output channel can be paced at rates up to 50,000 updates per second. The output range is 0 V to 5 V.

User's guide:  https://files.digilent.com/manuals/USB-1208FS-Plus.pdf

After installing the MCCDAQ software, https://digilent.com/reference/software/mccdaq-cd/start, Python for Windows examples can be found in the local path:  'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Measurement Computing\DAQ\Python'



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Hello Fausto,

Thanks for your quick response and information. 

I would like to input the digital signal to the DAQ first, and then obtain the analog signal from the analog output channel. The DAQ functions as a digital-to-analog converter. Could it work for the USB-1208FS-Plus? Thanks a lot.


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Hi Fausto,

Thanks for your information. 

When I was running my code on Windows 11, a UL error occurred. Code: 126 Message: Cannot find CB.CFG file.

I also checked the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Measurement Computing\DAQ'. I didn't find the CB.CFG file. Is there any method to generate the CB.CFG file? Thanks a lot.

Qiwen Sheng

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