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ULx for LabVIEW on MCC USB-3105 - Error at ULx Timing

Jordan Fuentes



I am a university student and recently acquired a MCC USB-3105 device for my project. I am currently trying to produce an analog output sinusoidal signal on the device using the example code provided by ULx. Specifically the example 'ULx Cont Gen Voltage Wfm-int Clk-Non Regeneration.vi' .However, I am running into an error with timing. The error is shown below:


Error 10015 occurred at ULx timing (Sample Clock).vi

Possible reason(s):

Paced operation is not supported for the specified task.

Use no clock mode.


I believe the device has an internal clock, as it is able to produce a sinusoidal signal on TracerDAQ. I have also tried changing the timing parameters (sample clock rate) and buffer parameters (size(samples)). But I keep running into the same errors. From the specification sheet (see attached) it says the throughput is 100Hz, does anyone have any clarity on what this means with respect to sampling clock rate?

If anyone has experienced with this, I would greatly appreciate your support. Please find attached the LabVIEW llb.

USB-3105 User's Guide.pdf Generate Voltage.llb

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Hello @Jordan Fuentes.

The USB-3105 does not support an output clock mode, paced by an internal clock, only single value outputs.  Therefore, the maximum throughput on the output channels is 100 Hz, system dependent.


Other MCC daq's like the USB-1808X do support analog output operations that can be paced by the internal clock or by an external clock.


Consider using the 'ULx Gen Mult Volt Updates-SW Timed.vi' example instead.



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