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Looking for a consultant to fix a software glitch

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My name is Dongkai Shangguan. I am new to the community

I am looking for a consultant to help me fixing a software glitch. My test instrument is controlled with a MC USB-2527 board. The software was in visual basic and was developed by a consultant.  I don't have the source code. Now the software is showing an intermittent glitch with the timer not going off at the end of data collection.


Can you recommend a consultant who can help me fixing  the problem? 


Thank you very much for your help.


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Hello @Dongkai Shangguan.

You are in a predicament, especially without the source code.  Could it be a hardware glitch instead?  Can you try changing hardware one item at a time, starting with the MCC USB-2527 board?  Can you swap out any external components/devices and the retest the application? 

Also, which OS are you using and were any OS updates installed recently?



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