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Retrig mode with USB-1208fs



I'm trying to get the RETRIG mode working using the Python interface from mcculw on GitHub but I'm having trouble. The relevant section of the code is as follows:


scan_options = ScanOptions.EXTTRIGGER | ScanOptions.RETRIGMODE |  ScanOptions.BACKGROUND
ul.set_config(InfoType.BOARDINFO, board_num, 0, BoardInfo.ADTRIGCOUNT , 4) 
ul.a_in_scan(board_num, low_chan, high_chan, total_count,rate, ai_range, memhandle, scan_options)

This leads to the error message "Error 52: Invalid option specified for this function."

I am able to run with the EXTTRIGGER setting, however, including RETRIGMODE in the scan parameters seems to break the call to a_in_scan. 

I've tried verifying that the USB-1208FS board supports the RETRIGMODE but I haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance for the help! 



I was able to find in the Universal Library Help that the USB-1208FS does support RETRIGMODE (see below) but I still haven't had any luck getting it to work


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Hello @dnp33.

I am able to reproduce the RETRIGMODE option issue (error 52) with an USB-1208FS and the Python API (mcculw) function a_in_scan(), on my Windows 11 system.  However, the RETRIGMODE option does work with an USB-1208FS and the UL function cbAInScan(), as well as the UL for .NET function AInScan().  

The UL Help should read "The USB-1208FS also supports RETRIGMODE when used with cbAInScan()/AInScan()."



a_in_scan_background_retrigmode.py program.cpp

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