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DasyLab 16 Full Version (Does not read pressure tranducer readings)



We would like to receive technical support with issues with DasyLab 16 (Full Version).

DasyLab software is connected to DAQ board. DasyLab software CAN read temperature measurements. DasyLab software CANNOT read voltages from other measuring components (i.e pressure transducers). However, DasyLab software CAN correctly read DC voltage when connected to a DC Battery. If running Temps and Voltage in the same program , the temps go crazy when we connect just 1 leg of a voltage output device. The computer with the questionable software will not even recognize our bigger DAQ board OMB DAQ 2416 – 4 AO

We need some support to get DasyLab to read voltages from other measuring components.

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Hello @karolortizs.

In order to use a MCC USB-2416-4AO (or OMB-DAQ-2416-4AO) with DASYLab, the target system must have InstaCal installed and the Measurement Computing package enabled in DASYLab's Configurator.  Please review the following video.


Additional reference material is available on the DASYLab resource page. https://digilent.com/reference/software/dasylab/start 

Lastly, reference the USB-2416-4AO User's Guide to learn about the device's capabilities and specifications. 


If you need additional help, please detail your request and provide any example and screen captures.



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