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Workaround for Delphi support with latest Universal library/Instacal version



I am trying to run an app (written in the delphi programming language) that is known to be compatible with the archived MCC universal library/Instacal driver 6.00 that supports delphi natively. We have recently upgraded to a new Windows 11 PC but now must use the latest universal library/Instacal version 6.75 due to Windows 11 compatibility/driver issues. Unfortunately, the latest version does not support delphi. I am looking for a workaround for this issue. 

In the link below (no longer active), it said the following: 


"The last version of the UL with Delphi examples and header file was 6.01 (UL 6.01 can be downloaded as part of the MCCDAQ CD ver 6.00 archive).   Customers report that they can use newer versions of the UL, with the older header file, at least for 32-bit applications.  64-bit Delphi applications will be more difficult, as no header file with 64-bit functions was ever provided by MCC.   MCC no longer provides technical support for Delphi."

The app I'm trying to run is a 32 bit delphi app so the above may apply to me. I am unfamiliar with the header file so am not sure how to go about it. Could someone please provide some advice on this?

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