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Reading a USB-1408FS-Plus device at 200Hz



We have 2 devices we are experimenting with to use in our systems for small scale Data Acquistion. Both units behave
the same. We are reading Discrete in on PortA at 200Hz, every 5 milliseconds, however the read times on average take 200
microseconds with occasional jumps of up to 10 Milliseconds. Are we at the devices limit or is there an option in the hardware or the UL library that can be enabled to make the read time consistent?  We are using the UL library and example code on Oracle Linux 8.

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Hello @SW-developer.

The USB-1408FS-Plus does not support a scan on the digital I/O subsystem.  Discrete reads are limited by the host system.  Do you have other functions running in the background?  Are you programming in C or Python?  Below are links to the help files.

UL for Linux C Help:  https://www.mccdaq.com/PDFs/Manuals/UL-Linux/c/index.html


UL for Linux Python Help:  https://www.mccdaq.com/PDFs/Manuals/UL-Linux/python/index.html






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