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Currently, I am working with Zedboard. I want to boot PS with Linaro for that it requires BOOT.BIN, devicetree, zImage file. I am following https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/zedboard/zedboard_gswel_guide.pdf

In the document while building Linux Kernel, a config file "digilent_zed_deconfig" is missing from the digilent github repository. Kindly suggest from where I can access the required file so that i can proceed ahead. 




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Hi Saurabh,

Sadly the documentation you are referring to is outdated, the newer versions of linux kernel do not have the same config files as the one presented in that document. Also as far as I know Digilent dose not have an updated version of this document or a tutorial which will help you guide your way through the maze which is embedded Linux and Linaro (as far as I know).

Now depending on what you might want you have a couple of options:

If you are looking only to use Linux on the board, for the sake of using Linux without actually adding or creating costume IP in the FPGA part of the Zynq. I recommend using an "plug and play" kind of a solution, called Xilinux by Xillybus. It is sort of an black box approach, from a hardware perspective, with a hard to modify Linux Kernel. You basically just have to build the hardware copy the kernel and the image on a SD card and you are good to go. It is also more stable than Linaro, from what I tested. 


If you are more into building your costume hardware and costume kernel, I recommend using the Analog Devices tutorial for the ZedBoard. Although it is harder to follow and you have more steps than with the Xilinux, it will allow you to change things in it with little ease. This approach will also teach you more about embedded linux than the other one, because it will force you to self study on this subject. 


Also if you are more inclined towards this solution I strongly suggest you look over the Zybo Linux example from Digilent. Granted it is not constructed for the ZedBoard but the configuring and building of the kernel and hardware is very similar, you might get a better perspective on the whole embedded Linux world if you look at the Zybo example also.


There is no easy beginner friendly solution for what you want. Nothing like the raspberry pi where you just plug in a SD card and turn a switch. But ultimately it will teach you more than the pi and with a little persistence it will also be a lot more "powerful" then the pi.



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Hello Ciprian,

Thank you for reply !!

I have managed to build zImage and devicetree for the Zedboard. I am facing difficulty in getting BOOT.bin file for the Zedboard. The one available on the digilent resources is not working (in my case don't know whether I am doing any mistake or their is some problem with file).  Kindly tell me how to configure BOOT.bin file for Linaro on Zedboard.

Thanks !


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