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I have a client's system that is using a USB-QUAD08 that is suddenly getting an error message in Windows:



Power Surge on Hub Port

The USB-Quad08 has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port. You should disconnect the device.

Recommendation: To reenable the port, disconnect the hardware and click Reset. If you click Close, the port will no longer function.


We followed the instructions of the window and the problem went away for a bit. A couple of hours later we had to same error.

Is this possibly a problem with the QUAD08? Or the PC / USB ports?

This is a 10 year old Dell Precision 3600 PC connected to the USB-QUAD08.


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Hello @BrianC.

Please test the USB-QUAD08 with a relatively newer system and a direct connection to the system's USB port; no external USB hubs.

What is the serial number of the USB-QUAD08, either on the backside label or via InstaCal?

From your post, it appears the issue is fairly recent.  What changed prior to experiencing this issue; i.e. different PC, additional or different sensors, external USB hub?

What is the client using for a software application?



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