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USB-3101 Digital Out



Since the output current is only 2.5 mA, I connected a boost circuit (Adafruit Boost 1000) which loads the output. I also tried a Boost 2 Click which loads the output. I need to supply 4 V and 9 mA to a SSR. What kind of boost will work?

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The PowerBoost 1000 Basic states that it can boost 1.8 V with a TPS610 boost converter. The quiescent current of the powerBoost is 5 mA.

The output is listed as 5.2 V. The SSR needs 4 V at 9 mA. The Boost 2 Click from Mikroe boosted the voltage, but the relay chattered. I tried the PowerBoost 1000 to solve that problem and it won't turn the relay on.

I would appreciate any help you have.

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