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"Configuration not supported" on USB-TEMP but works on USB-2408-2AO



In the past, I have used a modified version of the t_in.py program provided by Measurement Computing to collect thermocouple readings from a USB-2408-2AO. Recently, one of our collaborators has asked us if they can use our Python script to collect temperatures from their USB-TEMP. When I try to collect temperatures from the USB-TEMP using the t_in.py program, it fails to set the channel types to AiCHanType.TC because an "if" statement will only allows this line to be executed on the USB-2416-4AO, USB-2408, and the USB-2408-AO.


for chan in range(low_channel, high_channel + 1):
    # Set the specified analog channels to TC type if the specified
    # DAQ device is a USB-2408 or USB-2416 device
    if (descriptor.product_id == USB_2416_ID
        or descriptor.product_id == USB_2416_4AO_ID
        or descriptor.product_id == USB_2408_ID
        or descriptor.product_id == USB_2408_2AO_ID):

        ai_config.set_chan_type(chan, AiChanType.TC)


When I override the "if" statement so that ai_config.set_chan_type(chan, AiChanType.TC) is called regardless of the DAQ model, I get the following error.


raise ULException(err)
uldaq.ul_exception.ULException: ULError.CONFIG_NOT_SUPPORTED: Configuration not supported


Is there anyone who knows which Python commands I need to use to set up a channel as a thermocouple channel on the USB-TEMP? We also tried just using DAQami to collect temperatures. DAQami is able to see and add the device to the panel, but it always returns temperatures of -9999.0 (which might mean that DAQami wasn't able to set up the channels either).

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A coworker of mine figured it out. It turns out that you have to use InstaCal to manually set the channel type. Once the channel type is set on all of the channels, the USB-TEMP remembers this configuration and my Python code is capable of reading temperature values from it.

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