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WebDAQ 316 DIO Event Logging



What information and resolution is saved to the WDD and Event 'JobName.txt' files about the Event DIO inputs?

There is a DIO signal toggling at 200-300Hz that I am interested in capturing alongside the thermocouple measurement.  The DIO spec in the WebDAQ manual indicates it can capture up to 10kHz inputs.

I am trying to decide between the E-TC (which has a 32-bit counter input) and WebDAG 316.  The more thermocouples on the 316 will provide the ability to acquire more ambient environment details with the 8 extra channels.


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Hello @InfoForHire.

Here's a link to the WebDAQ .wdd File Format.


After the header information, the data is arranged as tightly packed IEEE-754 double values. The data is interlaced, such that a single point per channel is written at a time.



As you mentioned, the E-TC has one 32-bit event counter, while the WebDAQ 316 does not have a counter.  Do you require an event counter?

The E-TC has one 8-bit DIO port (individually configurable), while the WebDAQ 316 only has four individually configurable digital I/O lines.

The E-TC has 8 thermocouple input channels, while the WebDAQ 316 has 16 thermocouple input channels.

What are the requirements of your application?



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