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Zybo Z7 no valid target


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I have a brand new Zybo Z7-10 board and I'm having trouble connecting to the board on the hardware manager. I'm getting a "no valid target" error. I am using Vivado 2016.2 in a remote desktop environment. I installed Diligent Adept 2, I am able to initialize the board and it says the following:

Initializing Scan Chain...
Found device ID: 13722093
Found device ID: 4ba00477
Initialization Complete.
Device 1: ARM_DAP
Device 2: XC7Z010

It looks like the device come up on Adept, I'm not sure why Vivado says no target found. I even tried connecting to a remote server and still same problem. Any idea how I can connect to the board using Vivado in a remote "cluster" environment?

On the board I have J17 set to USB, JP5 set to JTAG and JP2 placed on HOST.  Can someone verify the jumpers are in the correct position ? 





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Hi @LMAngieB,

I don't have a remote cluster setup to do any real troubleshooting with, but the easiest thing to check would be to make sure that they USB passthrough permissions are all working as intended.

If you are on a Linux OS, you'll want to make sure the cable drivers are installed (https://support.xilinx.com/s/article/59128?language=en_US); though the Digilent cable drivers Xilinx uses are from the Adept software, so theoretically you should be good to go (maybe you'll need to restart the Xilinx software for it to properly take effect, I'm not certain).

Your jumper settings are all fine; you don't need JP2 on Host technically as you would connect to the board via J12 (the micro USB port just below the power switch), but with Adept successfully initializing the JTAG chain the hardware is successfully being recognized.

You can also double check the hardware is running by setting JP5 to QSPI instead and seeing if the out of box demo is working (red PGood LED will light up followed by green Done LED, then you should see LD0 through LD4 blinking on their own or maybe when you press one of the buttons; I'm not certain if the board I have on hand still has the OOB in flash or if I overwrote it with something else).


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