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Triggering of USB1616FS



I would like to work with a trigger on the USB1616FS. I get a square wave signal that has edges from 0V to 5V. Now I want to record a measured value for each positive edge change. Which trigger type can I use for this? 

Because in the documentation for USB1616FS it says this:


Can I only use these TriggerType? 
Because I don't think these are suitable for my application, as they only start the measurement and do not save a measurement value at every edge change.

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Hello @MJ0082.

The trigger is used to initiate a continuous scan.  If you only want one point, then set 'numPoints' in the AInScan() function to one point.  However, your application requires retriggering, which the USB-1616FS does not support RETRIGMODE.  What is the expected trigger rate for your application?

Depending on the length of your test and hard drive space, another option is to acquire the trigger signal with your test signal and post process the data, looking for the points of positive changes in your trigger data.



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