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Is an Updated Digital Discovery in The Digilent Products Roadmap?


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I noticed that the Analog Discovery 3 moved away from the Spartin family of FPGA since that FPGA family is going to be nearing its EOL period soon. Is there any plan to update the Digital Discovery in the near future to replace its underlying FPGA with something more modern as well? 


-Brian Coghlan

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Hi @bcoghlan,

I have not heard of any plans to update / refresh the Digital Discovery at this point in time, though I personally don't doubt that such an effort is under consideration (even if Xilinx keeps extending the lifespan of how long they will produce Spartan 6 chips). When Digilent does have something to share, we will be sure to announce it.

For what it's worth, while the Analog Discovery 2 is no longer going to be produced (i.e. once it's out of stock it's gone), I have not heard any such plans to discontinue the Digital Discovery.


P.S. Technically speaking the Analog Discovery 3 still uses the Spartan chip, it's just now a Spartan 7 rather than a Spartan 6.

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