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E-TC Temperature Limit




I would like to use the E-TC in a hotter operating environment (~200 C). The current listed operating temperature is 0C to 55C. The storage temperature is -40C to 85C. Can you give more information why this is the case? To help with this I will be mounting the board in a new shell. What is the limiting component causing the low operating temperature? 

Has anyone operated at these temperatures?

On a sidenote is there a CAD model of the board. I was able to only find a step model of the housing.

Thank you.

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Hello @jthielen.

The E-TC was not designed for hotter environments.  The components specifications are a main reason for the module's specifications.

I am not aware of other customers using the module in higher temperatures, without being in a protective enclosure.

Unfortunately, CAD drawings and a list of components are not available.



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