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USB-205 Analog Input for Signal Measurement



I am brand new to MCC and would like to use Universal Library (in Delphi, for which I have header file and examples up and running) to program the USB-205 to replace an NI multifunction USB board that is being discontinued, and would like some tips or suggestions if anyone has any on the following application:

1. After a user "starts" the instrument, use an external trigger source (repeating every 6ms or so) to acquire 1024 samples on one analog input channel.

2. Automatically re-arm the trigger so that I can acquire 1024 samples each time the trigger event occurs, without missing any trigger events.

3. Store/move the data so that I can process and display the signal like would be seen on an oscilloscope, while the instrument continues looping.

Is this type of operation possible with this device? If not, would there be an easy way to acquire data continuously, then use the trigger event (either on a digital input line or another analog line) to parse/organize the data into 1024 point groups which are synchronized to the trigger event?

Any ideas or help is appreciated!

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