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Serial port issues on Zedboard



I am using the latest Vivado/Vitis software. Following the guide, I have a program working that reads the switches and lights the LED’s, but I can’t get printf or xil_printf to work with USB1 in a stand alone design. I have a 2nd USB cable connected to USB1 that works fine when booting Linux using the included SD card. Is there a guide on how to setup xil_printf with USB or pmod serial? The closest I’ve gotten is garbage out when I press a button. All the BAUD rates are set to 115200 in Vivado. I tried every  BAUD in putty for Windows. I read that there are issues with the USB OTG port, but am not using that.

Thanks for any assistance!

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Hey @HeliGuy,

Check the input clock frequency setting in Vivado, see the screenshot below (it was taken using a different board, it's only representative of where to find the setting). There was a recent change to the board files (version 1.1, not yet introduced to the XilinxBoardStore) that corrected similar issues occurring in baremetal designs.




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