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Channel Error



I am having issues with my USB-TC board (P/N: 193816Q-01L S/N: 2074CB6) which shows the error message: “Dev0 Error Temperature input has open connection”.


I have run channel test on Instacal and shows error on channel 0.


My TCs were plugged in to channels 0 and 1 and showed grounding (infinite values).


I switched channels and they no longer read the correct temperatures despite re-calibrating on instacal.


What may be the issue here?

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Hello @nana.

When was the last time that USB-TC worked correctly?

Your USB-TC was invoiced circa April 2022.

What type of thermocouples are you using?

Which versions of Windows OS and InstaCal are you using?

Use the link below to download the latest version of MCC DAQ software, which includes InstaCal.


Remove your thermocouples and reinsert them into channels 0 and 1.  Verify the ends are secured by the screw terminals.  In InstaCal enable and test only channels 0 and 1.  If it fails, then move the thermocouples over to channels 2 and 3.  Enable and test only channels 2 and 3.  Repeat for channels 4&5 and 6&7.  Do the other channels fail as well?

Do you have other thermocouples to test with the USB-TC?

Do you have another USB-TC to test with those thermocouples?

If the failure occurs with other thermocouples on those channels, then I can send you a repair quote.



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