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Webdaq 316 Temperature Data Jumps Erratically



Webdaq 316, software version 1.3.3, I'm Using type K Thermocouple wire. We monitor temperature data on pipes that are being welded together, Temperature will be erratic when welding starts, it won't give accurate readings. We are using Post Weld Heat Machines to control the temperature of the parts. The temperature on the Heat treat Machine will be different from what the webdaq 316 is charting. The webdaq 316 will have spike during the welding process. Sometimes the chart will have spikes when Heat treat machine channels turn on. The Heat Treatment Machines that we use are globe heat model GHT1121SS, transformer rating 70 KVA, Frequency 60 HZ, Primary Voltage 415/480/575V, Max Primary Current 97,84,73 Amps, Secondary Voltage 42.5-0-42.5V, Max Load per Channel 3 x 45 Amp.

  • Is there a way to have the chart stop spiking during the welding process when preheat is being provided?
  • Is there a way to have the chart stop spiking during the Post weld heat treatment process?Webdaqboxsetup.thumb.jpg.d2206778685d3b2e74e7354d45940b8b.jpgChartwithspikesfromChannels.thumb.png.8e73f3db5667e0fb02b74aa23ece8c3e.pngGlobeHeattreatmachine.thumb.jpg.32ab9ea9c057608ed85faffd423c92f6.jpg


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