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USB-1608G Keeps Disconnecting From Computer



Hello all, 

I hope all is well. 

Currently we are having issues with our USB-1608G dac. I have a feeling it may need to be rma'd. :(

Please see the issue list below:


1. The dac is not detected in instacal or any control software.

2. The dac momentarily shows up in device manager and disappears. Parallel to this in windows 10, the usb plug in/ unplug sound is played every few seconds. This sound stops once the dac is unplugged.  


Please see our troubleshooting steps below:

1. USB Cable- We tried a replacement USB cable and unfortunately this did not work and symptoms were the same. Usb cable sat snug in dac and computer and did not feel loose at all. 

2. Bare Dac- We disconnected all external wires from the DAC other than the usb cable. We wanted to rule out any external peripherals influencing behavior. Unfortunately, this did not help, and the symptoms were the same.

3. Different Computer- We tried plugging the dac into a different computer to rule out driver or a usb port issues. Unfortunately, the symptoms remained the same.  

4. Lastly, we had a second dac that is the same model number. When plugged into the computer it shows up in instal cal and our control software. This rules out usb port issues, usb cable issues, driver/ computer issues.


Please let me know thoughts/ feedback. 



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Thank you for troubleshooting.  It does sound like an issue with the USB-1608G device.  What is the serial number on the backside label and do you know when it was purchased?  The USB-1608G is not repairable, so hopefully it's still under the one year warranty.



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