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Analog Discovery 2 bad bnc connector

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Hey, I have been very satisfied with my purchase but after trying to pull my hair out figuring out what was going wrong I discovered that one of my bcn probes is faulty (the switch between 1x and 10x is broken / doesn't work). The other one works well. I bought the AD2 with the same email that I signed up for this account with. Can you help me out?

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Hi @electronicsman11,

I'm sorry to hear that the BNC probe switch isn't working. Based on your description, I'm guessing it is stuck on either the 1x or 10x setting and that you're still getting a signal of some variety so it is unlikely the end cap is disconnected somehow.

It sounds like you purchased the product directly from Digilent, so I will message you to get some additional information. If you did not purchase the product from Digilent, perhaps from a distributor such as Digikey, you will need to contact them to learn of their own RMA process and requirements (feel free to link to this Forum thread as evidence of having worked with Digilent staff), and then they will contact Digilent in turn for their RMA.


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