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Hello and help on a microphone on a esp32

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Hello, everyone! I come from us. I was hoping someone could assist me in using a headset and an esp32 to route sound into from a microphone. I would greatly appreciate some assistance.

By utilizing the code and the explanations, I have already been able to use each of them individually, but I believe that I won't be able to make them work together due to the libraries that are utilized. I started looking online to see if there was anything about it, but I was unsuccessful. Additionally, I'm utilizing platformIO and versus code. Additionally, an SD card won't function with it, so I won't be able to add one.

Additionally, we intend to control the volume with a potentiometer.

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Combining a headset and an ESP32 for sound routing sounds like an interesting project! When it comes to using different libraries together, it can get a bit tricky. Have you considered tweaking the code or finding alternative libraries that might be more compatible? As for volume control using a potentiometer, that's a neat idea for fine-tuning! Bummer about the SD card not cooperating, but have you explored https://asmrmicrophones.com/ for any headset options that might align with your setup? They've got some cool gear that might fit your project goals!

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