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MCC 128 odd behaviour?



I have an MCC 128 attached to an AT 50 B10 split core current transformer. I'm running the logging demo & getting some odd results.

I have a mains cable (UK) running through the CT which sould be reading 0 as both the live & the nutral are threaded through but I'm getting a ±7 VAC signal instead!

Sketch of set up,



The CT should be giving a voltage between 0-10V depending n the current through the threaded cable (& in this case it should be 0 as the nutral is included) but instead I get..



Any idea whats going on here?

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Hello @NicR.

What does the MCC 128 measure when the cable is removed from the CT?  If it reads 0 Vots, then disconnect the CT from the MCC 128 and connect it to an oscilloscope.  What does the oscilloscope show with and without the cable?



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