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Temperature and Humidity Rates in Genesys2


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I was just wondering what the ranges in temperature and humidity for the Genesys2 board to be able to run fine? Some scenarios would be like outside on a hot sunny day in arizona, or maybe right after it rains and is humid. 

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Hi @JazminG,

The Genesys 2 uses commercial temperature grade parts, which is typically rated between 0 deg C and +85 deg C. These temperatures are for the on-board temperatures though, so if you have a complex design that is already running hot and you have the device in a hot ambient environment, the combination of the two can start to get quite warm. The FPGA on the Genesys 2 has a fan and heat sink combination to help keep the temperature cooler, but that is not the case for every component on the board.

As for humidity, Digilent does not have any specific details to share (nor am I readily finding any in the datasheets for the various embedded components). My recommendation would be to use the board in a dry, or at the very least non-condensing, environment whenever possible as the components have not been sealed with epoxy or a similar substance against the elements.


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