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RISC-V Tutorial Github link Archived

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I want to practice the RISC-V processor on Arty-7 by following this tutorial.

Little do I know the github link has been archived and most of its dependency are no longer maintained. 

Is there any other tutorial I can follow or github link being maintain by the public for opensource purpose?

Or is there other RISC-V processor example tutorial for Arty-7?



Thank in advance.

Best Regards,

Jack Lu

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Hi @jacklu333333,

That's the only RISC-V tutorial that we've tested internally, and it hasn't been checked in several years. We'll get a warning added to the page so that other folks don't get the same surprise you did.

I haven't tried it myself, but this repository seems to be actively maintained, with commits within the last several months and a release as recent as November '22. It claims support for the Arty A7-100T and several other Digilent boards: https://github.com/eugene-tarassov/vivado-risc-v



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