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Developed F/w S/w on Win 11, connected to USB-DIO96H runs extremely slow




We developed s/w to access the USB-DIO96H using the function calls given inyour example code libraries.

The system OS is Win 10 and 11.

The complete system runs extremely slow.

We tried getting into the debug mode and when stepping through the function calls (like configuring the board, setting up base address  etc) for the debugger to go from one lilne of code to the next it take about 6 to 7 minutes each step.

We are trying to set up s/w timers to step into the code to check what is delaying the calls.

But we thought it would be wise to check with you if there is something we are not doing right, than reinvent schemes here.

A quick guidance or set of suggestions to fixthis would be greatly appreciated.


Anand C J

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