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Interfacing USB-2001-TC with Matlab on a Linux machine




I have the device  USB-2001-TC and we want to read data online in Matlab. Our platform is Linux Ubuntu. I have installed the libraries for uldaq for linux and am able to read the data in c. But in our application we need to read data in Matlab. I was wondering how I can do that. 

Thank you!

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Hello @alimechsut.

MCC devices are not supported in MATLAB running in Linux; only MATLAB for Windows.  Additionally, the Measurement Computing DAQ Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox does not support counter/timer subsystems, digital I/O subsystems, triggered acquisition, specialized voltage measurements (thermocouple, etc.), or the use of Simulink data acquisition blocks for Measurement Computing DAQ hardware.  Since the USB-2001-TC measures temperature, it is not supported by this package.





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