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Where is cb.cfg for USB-DIO96H




We could not locate where exactly the master cb.cfg or the cfg pertinent to the newly added board exists. Need the WIndows path please.

Secondly, are there any docs on editing this file and the need for such operations.

Lastly any specific guidance on how a base address for DIO96H should be assigned - can it be absolutely random?


Anand C J

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Hello @cjanand.

MCC's cb.cfg file is located in the 'C:\ProgramData\Measurement Computing\DAQ' folder. 

This file is updated by InstaCal.  A user should not be editing this file.  The cb.cfg file can be viewed with a text editor.

There are no instructions for assigning a base address.  When the device is detected by InstaCal, then the cb.cfg file is updated.



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