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DT9837 connection to DASYLab




We have a DT9837 and we´re trying to acquiere thorugh DASYLab. The problem is that we couldn´t find the DT9837 in the DASYLab. We activated the "DATA TRANSLATION Package" but still not working. (first we downloaded the "DATA translation" as it didn´t work we tried with "Data translation V15")

To test the connections we looked for the DT9837 using "QuickDAQ software" and everything went right. 

Do you have any idea of what can we check ? 


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Hello @surtubey.

Which version and build of DASYLab are you using?

Do you have a license key for that version of DASYLab or are you using it in evaluation mode?

DASYLab already has the Data Translation package for a user to enable in the Configurator.  You should not be using an older version of the Data Translation package. 

Also, prior to enabling the Data Translation package in the Configurator, as noted in the Package Description, Data Translation's Data Acquisition OMNI software must be installed on the target system.

Disable the 'Data Translation (V15) package and then close the Configurator.

Download and install the Data Translation OMNI software using the following link.


After the OMNI software installation has completed, connect the DT9837 device to your Windows system.  Launch Windows Control Panel and then click on the Open Layers Control Panel (32-bit) icon.  Your DT9837 device should appear in the list.  If it does not appear, then reply with a screen capture of Windows Device Manager.



Close the Control Panel applet and launch DASYLab's Configurator.  Enable the default Data Translation package v16.0.0.501.  Afterwards, close the Configurator and launch DASYLab.  You should find Data Translation under Modules - Inputs/Outputs.  Drag an Analog Input module onto the worksheet.  Double click on the icon and then select your DT9837 module.





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