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I just got my Analog Discovery 2


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Hi All,

Just got my Analog Discovery 2 in the mail.  I bought primarily because a UART module for my TEK MSO scope costs $1540 but I just had to play with it a bit.

I also have an Agilent AWG along with a R&S 3GHz RF Spectrum analyzer and an Agilent 6.5 digit bench DVM.  With those tools I set up the Agilent to generate a 2MHz 3.000V P-P sine wave and put the output into both the TEK and the Digilent.  I have the BNC adaptor and scope probes set to x10.

The TEK scope shows 1.5V on either side of zero.  The Digilent shows 1.3697V.  I'll do some more investigation to determine if it's the x10 probes or if I just have to run the auto calibration routine.  The question would be, should I calibrate with the probes in x10 mode.

I'll start up a separate thread for this since this is the introductory list.  But this is an awesome little module.  I'm very impressed.


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Hey jcdammeyer,

Welcome to the forum, and it's good to hear you are enjoying your Analog Discovery 2!

To your question, I believe the calibration routine is not intended to be run with 10X probes connected to the AD2 (the last time I ran it the prompts were for direct connections between various channels of the AD2).

We were able to replicate the issue you are having. With both probes set to 10x (for your bench scope and the AD2) as you mentioned is when the erroneous reading occurs, however it only appears to be an issue with that case and not when either probe is set to 1x (at least in our replication here). I am not certain why it's doing this, but perhaps someone who is a bit more familiar with the inner workings of scopes could provide some insight if you begin another thread in the Scopes & Instruments section.



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