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FT232RQ not detected by any computer.

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Hey guys now I'm new to all the programing the chips and all that so please dumb it down a little for me !!! Ok so I bought a device of market place its an OBDII Programmer. You can change setting on your vehicles ecm with it.  Got home hooked it up to my truck and the device said I need to do a firmware update. No biggie hooked it up to the windows 10 updated it no problem took it back out hooked it to the truck.  BOOM error code 1000 call tech support gave hypertech tech support a call and they begain to tell me the device was deactivated in 2016 for tampering issues I guess someone tried to hack it and make it do more then it was intended to do. Asked if they could fix it and with our a purchase receipt he said if I sent it in they would keep it. Any way the short end I hooked it up to my computer with ft_prom from ftdi and I've erased it to where when I plug in the USB to any computer it gives an error not recognized and the computer won't communicate with the device I need help fixing this problem.. sorry so long but had to tell why I was even playing with the eprom 

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Hi @DMANchipslayer,

Unfortunately, none of the Digilent staff will be able to help you with reprogramming the EEPROM on your OBDII device.

Digilent does have a method to restore our own devices if they get misconfigured somehow, but its only works to configure our boards back to their factory default so they are recognized properly by the computer / software program and isn't customizable to work with different devices.

What I would end up doing is trying to contact the manufacturer of the OBDII device to see if they have an application that will "factory reset" the on-board EEPROM, but based on the experience you described with the tech support, I'm not expecting that endeavor to be successful.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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