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DasyLab output to Modbus



I have a simple DasyLab application running on an MCC 1608GX.  My end user wants to collect the data through a Modbus interface.

Can you point me to something that I can buy to start testing this?

I know that DasyLab can do analog and digital IO to Modbus, but I am not sure where to go for the hardware end of the request.

Would I need a specific driver for this or is the DasyLAB interface universal in the software.

Thanks in advance


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Hello @KrussTCI.

In DASYLab, a user can expand the Modbus branch under Modules - Inputs/Outputs.  Afterwards, click the Help button to learn more about the Modbus modules.  Your interface options are COM and TCP/IP. 






Visit www.modbus.org for further information about Modbus.  We do not have a list of hardware devices that support Modbus.




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