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E-1608 busted during power surge



We have 4 E-1608s connected to a PoE switch, through a PoE splitter. During a power surge event, the E-1608s were damaged. One of them no longer return an ID (light on ethernet connector just keep on blinking). For the other 3, we can still talk to them, but on performing ADC functions, the system hangs. We would like to know the fail mechanism and device ways to prevent it in the future.

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Hello @etong.

The MCC E-1608 modules do not support PoE.  Use the supplied 5V external power supply.


Do you have the original sales order information?

Can you reply with the serial numbers, either from the backside or from InstaCal?

I need the serial number to determine if the modules are under warranty.




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Hi, Fausto,

Thanks for your reply. We understand that the manufacturer recommends using the 5V power supplies that come with the modules. However, for a project in which we are integrating 4-8 E-1608s, using those power supplies does not lend to ease of integration. The use of a PoE switch is the clear solution. We have been using this configuration for a long time. This is the first time such event has happened. We plan to install a UPS in the rack in the future.

The modules were purchased in July/August 2022, purchased from Digikey. They should be under warranty. Here are the serial numbers. Please let me know how to proceed.






Edward Tong


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