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WebDAQ 504



I read through the documentation for WebDAQ 504 (Internet Enabled Vibration-Acoustic Data Logger) and have the following questions:

  1. The real time FFT is an onboard software or it has to be run on a remote computer?
  2. Do I need to perform any digital signal processing (e.g. de-noising and filtering etc.) or is it already done in the WebDAQ 504 hardware?
  3. Can I use QuickDAQ Advanced FFT software on the signals captured by WebDAQ 504?
  4. For more advanced analysis, is there a vibration analysis software available from MCC?
  5. In what format is the post acquisition data stored?
  6. Is it possible to access the time domain sampled signals (before FFT is performed)?
  7. Are there any application notes for typical use cases such as an electric motor or wind turbine?
  8. Do you recommend any 3rd party vibration analysis software which is compatible with WebDAQ 504?


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Hello @AKS.

1.  The real time FFT is performed onboard the WebDAQ device.  The user has the option to save the saved time-domain to a remote system and use a third party analysis application.  https://www.mccdaq.com/PDFs/Manuals/WebDAQ/help/en/datalogger.htm?WEBDAQ504


2. The WebDAQ 504 uses a combination of analog and digital filtering.  Each analog input channel has a 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D converter, which have inherent filtering capabilities.  Please reference pages 13-14 in the WebDAQ 504 User's Guide.   https://www.mccdaq.com/pdfs/manuals/WebDAQ-504.pdf

3.  QuickDAQ does not support WebDAQ devices.

4.  A user can save the time-domain data and import it into DASYLab for analysis.

5.  The WedDAQ binary data file format (.wdd) stores time-domain data from the WebDAQ device.  Please reference this knowledgebase article for a description of the file format.  https://kb.mccdaq.com/KnowledgebaseArticle50726.aspx

6.  A user can view the time-domain data in the WebDAQ onboard application, but not make any modifications to the data before the FFT calculations.

7.  Application note:  https://www.mccdaq.com/appnotes/an127.aspx

8.  There are various third-party applications on the market that users can use to import their time-domain data.  Besides DASYLab, a user can use LabVIEW.




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Hello Fausto,
                      I am an end-user in USA and my understanding is that Class A devices require an FCC certification/compliance. But the conformity page does not mention any US compliance.

Also, why only European Directives are mentioned on the conformity page #32 and EU Conformity is assessed? Does this imply that users in the USA cannot legally use this device?


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