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DT9801 Not connecting to InstalCal or DaqAmi.



I am trying to connect the DT9801 to my computer to get readings from it for as i am trying to write a software using the already made python library supplied for me. Although when i use InstalCal or DAQami these programs dont seem to be able to detect the DT9801 device.

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Hello @zcoffey7.

The DT9801 uses Data Translation's software, not MCC's InstaCal and DAQami.




You can download the Data Translation OMNI software installation from MCC's download page. 




Please note that there is no Python support for the DT9800 Series devices from MCC.  An end-user did share their attached example, but use at your own discretion, since MCC does not support Python with these devices.  The example uses Python 2.7. 




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added Python 2.7
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