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Do I need a WiFi adapter to use the WebDAQ 504?



Hi there, 


We recently purchased a WebDAQ 504 Vibration Data logger and are in the process of figuring out what cabling / other instrumentation we will need for our test setup.  In the manual I see, "After the WebDAQ is detected on a wired network, users can connect an approved WiFi adapter to the rear panel and communicate with the WebDAQ over a wireless network.  Refer to our website for a list of the WiFi adaptors apoproved for use with WebDAQ Series hardware."  


Does this mean that I need to purchase a WiFi adaptor to use the WebDAQ unit at all, or only if I desire a wireless connection?  I want to make sure that I can actually get my unit to function - if I need to purchase an adapter that will take some time.  


Thanks for your help, 


Josh Burns

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