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USB-234 and RetrigMode



I have a USB-234 that I am trying to use to output a waveform every time an input trigger is received.  I am using the C Universal Library.  I am able to use cbSetTrigger() and cbAOutScan() to configure the trigger and output the waveform when the trigger is received using options=BACKGROUND | EXTTRIGGER | CONTINUOUS;  When doing this, the waveform repeats forever after the first trigger is received.  When adding RETRIGMODE to the options, I get error 52 "Invalid option specified for this function".  I don't understand what I am doing wrong, since the documentation for cbAOutScan() seems pretty clear about how to use this option.  Using cbSetConfig() to set BIDACTRIGCOUNT does not have any affect on the error that I am getting.  Does this board simply not support this option? 




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