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Need help with 7-Segment Display - Nexys A7 100t

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I wrote a simple code for Binary to 7 Seg converter but the output  I am getting is not correct. 

My source code is as followed 


The functional simulation is correct after synthesis and implementation but on the board, I don't see the correct output. I have mapped the binary input to switches and output to seven segments. My constraint file is as below 

image.thumb.png.1443bb9e77540c775fa9033b0f487b38.png The output I am getting is shown below 


What could be the possible reason for this? 

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Hi @Devesh Abhyankar

Your module is connected to the seven-segment display common anode pins. These pins determine whether each of the digits of the display is illuminated or not - one pin per digit. The cathode pins (CA-CG, plus the decimal point DP) drive the segments of each digit. If you switch out the pins that the module is connected to, to drive the cathodes, I expect that your design should work as intended. If you want to individually address each digit, you will also need additional circuitry to drive the common anodes.

Take a look at the seven-segment display section of the reference manual for more info: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/nexys-a7/reference-manual#seven-segment_display.



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