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Publish MccDaq UL on nuget for .NET projects



It would be super practical and would simplify the documentation for every new project in a dotnet environment if at least the minimal libraries required to build a program would be published on NuGet. This would allow to, at least, be able to compile the project on another computer, or in CI, by referencing that package, and not be required to go set a reference to a specific file set at one location during the installation of "mccdaq.exe". NuGet packages have been standard at least for .NET projects for a while.

Furthermore, if it was possible, it would be even better if the package could target any modern supported dotnet versions, like .Net 6 or 7. Even if nothing is ported at all for newer .NET version, having it published on NuGet would help a lot with project compatibility with newer .NET versions.

.NET Framework 2.0 has been out of support since 2011, almost 12 years ago. However, if I understand the ULHelp.chm document correctly, if the UL for .NET is essentially a wrapper for the C library (without uncommon .net APIs that could be missing in .NET core or later .NET 5, 6, r 7), multitargeting that project to additionally include one of the .NET standard TFMs should be possible easily, and be able to release soon.


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