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PT1000 data loggers




I'm looking for the best solution to accurately measure temperature in 20-30 different points and 4-wire PT1000 sensors were chosen for this job since very high accuracy is a must to have in this application. I found plenty of loggers for PT100, but I'm struggling to find any for 4-wire PT1000 with more than four channels.

Can 4-wire PT100 be interchanged with 4-wire PT1000 on a 4-wire PT100 data logger? I believe it would log false data or should be recalibrated before the use.

What data logger would you recommend for 4-wire PT1000 sensors? Higher number of channels is prefered.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Hello @NA175.

The available options from Measurement Computing (MCC) are the eight channel DT9829-8 and the forty-eight channel MEASURpoint instrument.



The MEASURpoint page only lists a few configurations, but you can reach out to Info.Email@mccdaq.com for a DT9874-00T-48R-00V quote.  The maximum number of input channels is 48, so the price would be the same as a DT9874-48T-00R-00V.




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