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DT9818 Acquisition Rate per Channel



Hi, I'm trying to understand the true acquisition rate per channel in our system.

From page 69, I understand that the set acquisition rate of the device is divided down per the channels used:



Our configuration (via LabVIEW):

3AI, 1AO

Analog Inputs:

  • We create AIN tasks for Channels 0-2 (differential)
  • Range +/-10V
  • Channels 1 & 2 have gain set to 8; Channel 0 has gain set to 1
  • Timing is setup as:
    • Internal Clock
    • Continuous Samples
    • Sample Frequency 12kHz
    • Samples per channel: 1200
    • Number of buffers: 100 (I would like to note that I was unsure of number of buffers as a setting and welcome any feedback in that regard)
  • We periodically read this data DtOlReadMultiple2D which provides 1200 data points for each channel

Analog Outputs:

  • We create AOUT tasks for Channel 0
  • Range +/-10V
  • No explicit timing setup, we simply start the task
  • When needed, we issue a 1Chan 1Sample command to write to our output via Channel 0 (we apply 0/5V to a magnetic door lock)

I want to confirm that the AO does not count toward the input channel-gain list count and that we have a total of 3 inputs within this input channel-gain list (Ch 0 - gain 1, Ch 1 - gain 8, Ch 2 - gain 8). Meaning the sample rate for each of those inputs is 12000/3 = 4kHz.


Thank you for your help.

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