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MCC172 start & stop capture on trigger?





I have 8 MCC172 hats on a Raspberry Pi and am reading in synchronized data. The program was hacked together from the C examples library. The acquisition starts with a trigger input to the master hat & I was wondering if it was possible to stop the acquisition in the same way?


Is it possible to poll the trigger status without reading in data?



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Hello @NicR.

A user can configure the external trigger input to start an acquisition, but a stop configuration is not an option with the mcc172_trigger_config() function.


However, you can tee the external trigger input signal to an available GPIO pin and poll that pin to call the mcc172_a_in_scan_stop() function, when the pin is at a high level.

Reference the following forum post for the subset of the GPIO pins used for each MCC DAQ HAT. 



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