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Nexys 3 USB HID


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I had Nexsys 3 for evaulation a while back; however, I used Xilinx USB-II cable to program FPGA and its SPI Flash. Today, I tried to copy a bit file to USB stick drive (thumb drive), and it cannot configure FPGA. I had both jumpers removed for J8 (Config Mode Select). I have tried USB from 1GB to 512MB with combination formats as NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, and Nexys 3 failed to configure from USB HID (HOST J4). The orange LED4 (BUSY) flashing forever. I tried a simple code (~312KB bit file) to turn on 8 green LEDs with 8 Slide Switches. The SPI and BPI Flashes can load FPGA Config, except the USB.

I made some research and found Digilent suggest to update USB HID Firmware. However, it wasn't made public. Could anyone please help or share the FW with instruction?

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Hi @LNguyen,

The Nexys 3 has been retired for quite a few years (long enough even so that I personally have not used it) but my understanding is that the M0 and M1 on JP8 needed to be loaded (logic level high), as per this section of the reference manual here: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/nexys-3/reference-manual#usb_hid_host. I don't have ISE installed and Adept isn't liking the IDCODE of the Nexys 3 that I found in my office, so I have not been able to test this directly. FAT or FAT32 should be fine for the format of the USB drive (presuming the programming file is on the root of the drive).

The upgrading the firmware portion was specific to using different types of keyboards if I recall correctly.



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