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I'm caught up trying to get to the root cause of this particular issue that I'm facing I have a state machine that I'm using on one of my Dasylab programs that does NOT give me the output required on one specific port. Copy pasting the identical state machine on another program, gives me the exact output I'm looking for. I'm struggling to understand as to why there might be an issue with copy pasting a State Machine from one .dsb file to another. 
My concern is Output 12 of State Machine00 in the two programs (Original 01 and CopyPasted01) attached below are identical yet they give me different outputs after 31 seconds. Also, it is known outputs 1 to output 11 work exactly the way we want it to. The sampling rate is out of the equation because the output is independent of the input, however, to eliminate the sampling rate as a potential root cause I've tried with another brand new USB-201 and the output follows the same pattern. Any help on the matter will be appreciated. 

Thanks Much!



Anmol Gurkha


Original01.DSB CopyPasted01.DSB

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Hello @AG1.

I am unable to run your worksheets and unable to reproduce a copy/paste issue.  I used DASYLab's example_control_statemachine.dsa example to test a copy and paste of the 'Statemachi00' module.  I copied the module to the worksheet and then deleted each line one by one, while reconnecting the new 'Statemachi01' module to the existing modules.  I saved the worksheet and then ran it without any issues.  It may just be a quirk with your worksheet, but if you have a working worksheet, then go with it.



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