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USB-ERB24 firmware





I have an USB-ERB24, doesn’t show serial number when recognized in the InstaCal software.

I can test the unit, but the only information given in software is the numerical identifier and firmware 2.02. 

I was going to try and download firmware to the unit but cannot find the appropriate firmware ( USB-ERB24-v2.hex ) in your archives.


Could you please help?


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Hello @Simplejak.

While we search for the firmware file, are you unable to use the USB-ERB24 module?

Please reply with a screen capture of InstaCal's Configuration window for the USB-ERB24.

If there is a serial number label on the backside of the module, please reply with an image of the label or the printed information.



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The USB-ERB24 v2 firmware file (USB-ERB24-v2.hex) is attached.  Use InstaCal to load the file onto the module.

In Windows Device Manager, the USB-ERBxx will appear under Human Interface Devices - USB Input Device.


(Note: If a USB-ERB08 user needs a firmware file, just rename this file to be 'USB-ERB08-v2.hex'.)


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