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MCC 134 with LabVIEW?



Hi all, I'm a little new to some of this, but am an experienced LabVIEW developer...

I'm playing with putting together a system monitor for one of our pieces of kit here. My basic plan is to use a raspberry pi running LabVIEW to monitor a process by reading parameter values from the process controllers (using RS485 - easy) and the temperature of a chiller unit via a thermocouple. I bought an MCC 134 thermocouple daqhat to play with that side of things, but I now need to try to figure out how to get temperature data into my LabVIEW application... is there a way of getting data from the MCC 134 directly into LabVIEW? I was sort of hoping I could use the call library function node or similar (but I have no idea if that's possible with LabVIEW on the pi...) as that's what I'd do under windows!

I think I can use the python script node in LabVIEW with the pi, so maybe that's an option - have a small python script to get the current temperature and then call it from LabVIEW... Anyone here done anything like this before?


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